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You Are A Math Person – Latest News

Clark Hickman and I are excited to announce our latest book, Learning Mathematics Successfully:

Raising Self-Efficacy in Students, Teachers and Parents was published by Information Age Publishing in September, 2019. Teaching and learning mathematics so that students achieve success at their grade level or above can present a variety of challenges. One barrier that affects learners is the belief that one is not capable of learning mathematics or not naturally talented in the field, not a “math person.” As a result, learners may not believe they are capable of a positive outcome for achieving mathematics success. This book is an important resource for pre-service and in-service teachers, as well as families to support learners in becoming confident and assured in their ability to understand and apply mathematical principles and procedures. Coupled with classroom ready mathematics instructional strategies, the book provides readers with the background, tools and strategies needed to carry content success and confidence forward to remain persistent in solving all future mathematical problems.

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Mathematic Term Translations

Listen to our translation to in popular English math term  from Farsi, Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish. 

The translators are:

  • Prof. Kathy Najafi, ESL Coordinator, Houston Community College – Farsi
  • John (Jack ) Wilde, Ph.D., Counselor, DSPS, City College San Francisco, – Mandarin
  • Abdulmajid M. Al-Sharif, Ph.D., P.E. – Arabic
  • Manuel Gonzalez, M.S., – Spanish

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New Publications and Perspectives: Help to Become a Math Person

Teaching Learners Who Struggle with Mathematics: Systematic Intervention and Remediation, Fourth Edition, published by Waveland Education and co authored by Helene Sherman, Lloyd Richardson and George J. Yard,will be published in early March, 2019. The text includes the chapter, English Language Learners and Mathematics. The third edition has been translated in Korean and Arabic.

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Dr. Sherman is currently one of a team of University of Missouri -St. Louis College of Education faculty members teaching the second consecutive STEM Doctoral Learning Community Program, Doctorate of Practice. This three year cohort program offers courses in STEM topics, curriculum, statistics and data, grant writing, development and research. The second STEM cohort will graduate in August, 2020.

Dr. Sherman is now scheduling professional development dates and projects for the 2019-2020 school year. Her email address is helene@youareamathperson.com


“Dr. Sherman’s mathematics teaching reaches all levels of students and fosters success for students. Dr. Sherman’s methods are successful with a wide range of ability and needs, as well as their teachers and families.”

Ellen Wilson,
Middle School Teacher


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