It’s not unusual to hear people from all walks of life say they can’t understand their child’s homework or how math is taught .. that it’s the fault of this “new math”.. Questions around how math is taught include asking why students are taught  to find the answer in many different ways or have to explain their reasoning in finding a solution.  Many people will describe their own mathematics lessons as directions for memorization and feel that strategy is the best and one that should continue.   Common Core , state  and  academic standards as well as  technology have all contributed to thinking that the changes in form and delivery mean there is a “new math” out there that is very hard to learn. 

Common Core standards and proponents have repeatedly pointed out that the standards are guidelines for topics to be taught; a quick examination of the information reveals that no teaching methods, styles or organization are proposed. The standards establish what students need to learn, but they do not dictate how teachers should teach. Overall, teaching and learning mathematics is the process of understanding the context of what is being learned, relating it what one already knows and to everyday experiences. The goals of number sense, relevant problem solving and active learning that brings about conceptual understanding have always been and remain paramount to successful achievement. Supported by standards to guide the learning, there is no “new math” being taught. It’s the same content  as always, but taught more widely and purposefully in the manner research has always found the most effective  with concept development underlying procedures. 

What are current concerns and accomplishments for the implementation of these standards?

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