The World of Teaching and Learning Mathematics

It is important to remember the concept of “learner at the center” (Cooper, Lingg, Puricelli, & Yard, 1995). We know that for many of our students, no matter the age, more than one teaching approach is necessary to achieve desired results. This website and professional development opportunities for whomever is teaching learners can provide an effective resource for a wide variety of instructional tools and assessment updates. This web site’s creator, Dr. Helene Sherman, is a teacher, mathematics educator, author and presenter who has focused 

her career on researching and writing about effective strategies for achieving mathematics success at all levels of development. This platform is a vehicle for all instructors and parents to also share successes, challenges and approaches to enhancing all students’ understanding, skill level and disposition for mathematics.

Systematic Instruction

The most effective pedagogical approach is both multidimensional and systematic. It examines all the conditions within and surrounding the child, such as the curriculum content, context of the classroom, academic and social behavior, and ways in which students process information and respond to feedback. A comprehensive approach to teaching and remediating mathematics specifies and systematizes a number of factors to be applied in an orderly and logical manner. If any one of these components is ignored or overlooked, academic success is jeopardized. The problems that teachers and students experience when handling any of these factors are interrelated and may negatively affect the teacher’s attempts to bring about positive change. A system that considers all factors 

Working Together to Impact Student Learning
when designing and targeting teaching approaches is most advantageous for students. Therefore, planning for maximum flexibility, manageable units of classroom time periods, and incorporating all teaching and behavioral approaches must be the rule rather than the exception.

By collaborating, sharing and reflecting on our successes, teachers make a life long impact on their students’ mathematics achievement. I’ll be posting ideas and updates in this space and encourage readers to do the same. Watch this space!